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Vietnam Summit: Again, Trump Meets North Korea’s Kim

United States President, Donald Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jung-Un in Vietnam on Wednesday.

It will be the second summit between the two leaders as they first met in Singapore last year.

The two leaders clasped hands and posed in front of flags smiling as members of the international press took photos. Trump said he looked forward to a “very successful” summit.

Kim said, “we have been able to overcome all the obstacles and here we are today.”

In response, Trump said, “it’s an honour to be with Chairman Kim, it’s an honour to be together in Vietnam.”

“It’s great to be with you, we had a very successful first summit,” he added. “Some people wanted to see it go quicker, but I was very happy with how we are doing.”

Trump said the two leaders’ relationship is “really a good one.”

Neither man responded to shouted questions from the press, most of which were targeted at Trump, one reporter audibly asking about recent revelations by the President’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

President Trump promised North Korea a “tremendous future for your country” in his first talks with leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi.

“I think your country has tremendous economic potential,” Trump said.

“I think you will have a tremendous future for your country, you’re a great leader,” Trump told Kim. “We will help it to happen.”

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