Does Davido Really Need International Collaborations To Further Boost His Career?

let's see

Well, the singer who since his emergence on the scene has had a couple of international collaborations, his music sampled by the iconic R Kelly and even got signed to an international label [Sony Music] has joined the bandwagon of scared cats who claim to not be in need of international collaborations.

Let’s not forget this is the same man that made so much noise before and after his song FANS MI ft Meek Mill was released, created a new meaning for bragging when he got signed to Sony and even showed off when R-Kelly covered his song, but hey, what do I Know.

Now, if every artiste’s dream is to have his or her work heard and appreciated worldwide, why this constant ‘fuck international collaboration’ statement though? I mean if Beyonce, Drake, Swizz Beats, Jay Sean, Young Jeezy, R Kelly and a host of others have gone out of their way to collaborate with African acts, who exactly are these barely visible Nigerian artistes who have managed to get their songs in Some African countries to say ‘fuck international collaborations?”

I mean, we have some acts here whose career took a huge leap with just one international collaboration/feature, collaborations that brought about even more of this, getting their careers to even more greater heights.

If we are all going to be sincere, we all get emotional when we hear international acts vibe to our songs.

Yes, Davido is a great artiste who has done a marvelous job with his music, so do you think…


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