Man demands justice for his sister who was involved in car crash

the hospital refused to administer car until police report is tendered

A man named ‘Othniel Anselm’ demands for justice as his sister which was on the way to church with her friend in a tricycle were involved in a ghastly accident. According to report from him, a reckless drunk driver rammed into the tricycle they were in. The driver reportedly died at the scene while his sister and her friend were taken to 347 Nigerian Airforce Hospital, Bauchi.

On get thing to the hospital, the care-givers requested for police report in a situation which was emergency. The ladies gave up the ghost on the way to another hospital.

#JusticeforJemima has been everywhere on social media demanding for justice for the poorlady. The general public are requesting for a reform of the Nigerian Law which demands for police report before medical attention.

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