2019 Election: Faleke pledges to rescue Kogi from maladministration

As the aspirants for the 2019 gubernatorial election start making themselves known, James Faleke (APC-Lagos in the House of Representatives) has pledged to rescue Kogi from maladministration.

Faleke was the running mate to late Abubakar Audu in the 2015 Kogi governorship election.

He made his promise while addressing journalists at Ekirin-Ade, his country home in Ijumu Local Government Area of Kogi, in the course of a ceremony organised to celebrate his 85th birthday on Tuesday.

Faleke said Kogi was in comatose and stressed that the state had never in its history witnessed the magnitude of maladministration being faced currently and never had the state received the quantum of money received so far under the present administration.

“I can tell you that since the present administration came on board each local government in Kogi State has collected minimum of N2.1 billion from January to December, each month, unfortunately our people are still in abject poverty.

“Unfortunately our infrastructure are in complete decay; unfortunately salary has become a mirage; unfortunately Kogi State happened to be the first state that a civil servant on level 16 committed suicide. So many of our people have died since this administration came on board,” he said.

He said that the fact that he was in the same party as the present government in the state, he would not turn a blind eye to the anomalies and keep quiet.

“We are saying that the government must change for the better if it wants to continue to be in office, because it is only by the will of the people and when these people are not happy, it becomes a problem.

“Hence, when the civil servants are not paid, the petty traders would not have any business, because their businesses depend on the salary of civil servants to survive.

“So it has a multiplier effect in the negative perspective, but I assure you that change will come. I want to implore you, don’t be afraid.

“I tell you on the election day, it is going to be your ballot paper and the voters card. Those are what will decide your future.

“If you want the situation to remain the way it is, the card is in your hand, if you want to change for the future the card is also in your hand,” Faleke said.

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